@Emergency Kittens

AngeHave you ever been blitzed in a conversation about how “easy” life as a student is? Even if you’re idly shaking your head no here (in which case congratulations, but you probably haven’t been paying attention to what people have actually been saying when they stand in front of you and their lips move), it’s almost inevitable that at some point somebody somewhere is going to come along and ask “what are you always complaining about anyway? All you do is drink, stay up late, go out and party, and occasionally write an essay or something. Get over it!”

Let’s face it guys and gals, the student life can at times be this miraculous “easy” thing, and a lot of people who haven’t themselves had the student experience probably aren’t going to understand what its like to have to write three 2000 word essays and hand them all in by four o’clock on the same day.

Sometimes uni life can be rough, and the only thing left to do is put down your highlighter, close your laptop, shut those books and take a little breather. In these moments, I myself find there’s nothing more entertaining than, well… looking at pictures of cats.



Makes you feel better doesn’t it?

~ Ange

NB: For emergency pictures of cute cats and kittens try @EmrgencyKittens on twitter!

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