Steph_2Ahhhh Relaxation… something we all desire especially when we are swamped under a suffocating workload. Relaxation however, can be as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow being defined as “the state of being free from tension and anxiety” (Go Wikipedia!). Seems impossible huh? Yep, pretty much!

Ever had trouble sleeping or thinking straight because your mind is in a billion other places worrying about a billion other things? Ever had your muscles in your shoulders or your neck get really sore and tight? Ever felt exhausted and drained and desperately in need of a holiday? Well, well, well I would suggest this is the blog post for you.

So my lovely unrelaxed reader, I decided to take this quite seriously and went all detective ‘n’ stuff and made my way to the counselling centre at Uni opposite Admin. I booked in to see Brock Dawson who is a counsellor and he gave me some great tips to share with you all!

Brock suggested that the first place to start would be where you can do some evaluations of your personal stress levels and also find basic relaxation audio breathing exercises or Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercises. As well as these Brock said PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! He could not stress it enough to me that especially when you have to balance assignments, work, relationships finding time for yourself and many other elements of your life you need to plan ahead and allocate sections for each.

Relaxation is hard, and finding a balance in life is also hard. If you can’t relax or find yourself feeling tense most of the time pop into the Medical Centre and book yourself a session with one of the friendly counsellors.


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