My boss has blue hair.

Glenn_6You just never know what to expect with my boss. The SALs fearless leader makes quite an impression wherever she goes. You get used to the Mohawk hairstyle pretty quickly, it suits her. But to have hair that stands up way above your head has consequences. She has to sit far at the side of the lecture theatre so that she doesn’t block the view behind her, unless of course she has been in such a rush that the Mohawk is more of a stylish comb over. There have been a range of interesting colours this year from pink to white blond and now a momentous blue. What’s so special about this colour? Well check it out…



Ellen is sporting this new look for our brand new university. As at the 1st of January 2014 we will be attending Federation University Australia.

Now I should take this opportunity to welcome the folks from down in Gippsland to the team. We’re looking forward to reading some blogs from our new friends there. From what I have learned so far things will run pretty much as usual for all of the students, there will just be more opportunities opening up as resources from the campuses start to be shared. Keep your eye out for more information as our Universities ‘level up’.



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