Keeping Fit at Uni



Uni life equals lectures, tutes, assignments, tests, exams, partying (generally with copious amounts of alcohol), sleeping and eating. This is all great! It really is! However, the large levels of inactivity with the junk we students eat because it’s cheap and easy, mixed with the high calorie alcohol that slows fat burning, is a recipe for disaster.

We always say I’ll go to the gym or I’ll go for a run and we never do because there is so much more to do in our days (generally sleeping or eating). However, exercise has been linked to increased brain activity (ie. you will be smarter), better health (you won’t really get hangovers) and better mood (you won’t be half as crabby due to endorphins).

I personally prefer to engage in crossfit sessions where there is some cardio and some resistance training so it’s not as daunting. Just remember, when you feel like you can’t do anymore and you want to give up, do one extra. It all helps! You will never regret doing a workout, but you will regret not doing a workout or not doing your best. It’s only like 20 or 30 minutes out of your life, which you would probably have spent procrastinating anyway.

I have put up four 30 day challenges for you to attempt. You don’t even need a gym or really any equipment for this. You could do it in your house, driveway or maybe the uni oval or a park. So get your gear on and get moving!

KeepFitChal4 KeepFitChal3 KeepFitChal2 KeepFitChal1

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