Steph_2Nothing beats the excitement of your first O-Week and the chance at a fresh start! There are so many opportunities to take advantage of, especially with the spread of stalls offering a multitude of things ranging from cheap flights to academic help. In my opinion, never miss an opportunity. Sign up to the things that interest you or even jump outside of your comfort zone and try something completely different! Make sure you go to all the classes that are offered to you on O-Week with your mentors because, as boring as some of them can be, it is all information that you need and gives you a chance to better bond with your mentor and other first year students.

This brings me to the events — my favourite bit! Because it is your first year, it is best to embrace the chance of meeting new people and building your confidence. What better way to do this than going out with some of the new people you met and meeting so many more people from all different courses? Even if you need a bit of Dutch courage… do it! Go and talk to new people, dance and have fun! If you don’t think your body could handle all four events then pick a couple to go to and get keen to make up for it every other O-Week of your course!

Remember, Uni is probably the best time of your life, so make the most of it and have fun. Even if you embarrass yourself (which I have made a habit of doing. Haha) just enjoy everything about it, because the time will fly.



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