MEWD: Haze

Emma Foster - ASK Blog PicSome days I have what seems to be a haze fall over me. It’s like I’m seeing through a bit of a fog and, sometimes, like the things I’m experiencing aren’t actually happening to me, but to someone else, and I’m only getting an echo of what they would be feeling. I can’t settle in to any one task, and my concentration levels are practically nil.

On days like this it’s really hard to interact with the world around me. Partly because it’s hard to connect with people when there’s a haze over you, partly because the haze also seems to have some kind of drowsy effect (except when it comes time to actually sleep, then it’s like the haze is pumping my brain full of ecstasy. Not the rest of my body, just my brain).

On days like this I tend to aimlessly scroll through the internet and complain that I don’t feel well. This generally leads to people asking what’s wrong. The only response I can give is ‘I don’t know’.

During one of my haze days I came across this screenshot of a tumblr post. It was really incredibly good timing, because it described exactly how I was feeling at the time and it made me feel a little less hazy, and a little less alone:


Also, I have people who use the phrase ‘hey friend’, so that just adds an extra level of comfort for me.

Hey friends, you’re not alone.


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