Hang In There

As the end of semester draws near and the stress levels rise, if you’re anything like me you’ll be holding on by the tips of your fingernails. Complacency and exhaustion set in. You may have missed lectures in order to work frantically on that essay that is due tomorrow or just catch up on some much needed zzz’s and suddenly you’re well behind and feeling very overwhelmed…

Source: http://www.bigbrandsystem.com/why-try-and-why-hang-on/
Source: http://www.bigbrandsystem.com/why-try-and-why-hang-on/

So where do you turn? Fortunately, here at the Gippsland campus we have a wealth of resources available to us. From Martin Davies, the Learning Skills Advisor who can help you put together an effective study timetable, to Student Connect, who offer a counselling and chaplain service that can provide a range of coping strategies and tips for finding your feet again. Outside of university, getting enough sleep, eating well and making time to socialise and exercise will all help in managing stress. And if all that fails, just close your eyes and think of mid semester break. I know I am.

– Lauren

Editors note: Don’t forget Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) can help you with some classes, the ASK Service is available if you have general or study questions, and YourTutor can check essay drafts and help you understand content.

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