Uni HACKED (Study Tricks and Tips)

BethSo it’s 2016. You’re starting classes for the first time or again  You want it to be the best semester ever, whether that’s get lots of friends and party hard, or get good grades and ace this course. Whatever your goal is, you gotta study smart.

Study Smart. That’s right, not hard or well, but efficient. Every lecturer has told you “to get good grades you have to put in the time”, and then they’ll give you tips on what they did back in their day. Most of the time it’s setting time aside and reading their literature – but nobody got time for that.



So in previous blog posts there was discussed methods of study and revisions tips (see Emma’s study methods, Amelia’s secret revision and Lily’s revision tactics) which give you sweeeet tips on HOW to study.  But now let’s super charge these tips.

  1. Smelly it Up
    Spray a new unfamiliar scent around when you’re studying. The theory is the scent association will help you recall things when you smell it again. So spray that new scent again when you take the test. Obviously pick a scent that’s new to you but not gross, otherwise you’re not going to make friends in your exam or test. Common courtesy gaiz.2http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-IZOsFPe__mk/T_NRPktN5NI/AAAAAAAAAJw/muMuB7JbK3o/s1600/tumblr_m0d9od8n651r5kyvmo1_500.png
  2. Chew it up
    So studying now gives you a sweet reason to chew gum, studies say so. Two studies at Wheeling Jesuit University (I read this originally as Wheeling Jetsuit and wanted to go there..) have done the science and come back with the info that chewing cinnamon gum improves scores on memory tests.  Read one report here.


  • Instrumental Music is Fundamental
    So even with sweet hacks there will be times you just need to cram in a study session. When you do this, even if listening to lectures, play some instrumental music. It helps you focus. Go to Pandora and find an instrumental music station – or, if you’re wondering what I listen to – it’s Vitamin String Quartet on YouTube. It’s classical meets modern. Don’t blast it though, keep it low and smooth.


4Bey is Queen.



That’s it for today! There are more Study Hacks, so if you’re nice to me I might make a Part 2.


– Beth

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