The Low Down on The B-wick (or Berwick Campus)

So I’m sure everyone knows by now that FedUni’s got a new campus at Berwick, or as everyone calls it: The B-wick. (Ok, so maybe no-one calls it that…yet. It’s pretty catchy, it’s got a nice ring to it, it’s gonna catch on, trust me). FedUni picked up the campus last year as part of Monash’s fire sale of campuses.

As far as I’m concerned, they got a pretty good deal.  This place is pretty nice, even if it is just for first-years at this point. Want to know more? Well, let me lay it out so you can play it out.

This year, just imagine you’ve signed a contract to buy a house. But the owners want a reeeaaaaalllllly long settlement, and in exchange for that, they’ll let you live in the granny flat out the back. It’s a fully loaded granny flat though, so it’s all good. That’s sorta what it’s like at The B-wick (catching on yet?). Monash is still using a couple of buildings for this year, but FedUni has moved into Building 903.

They’ve set up Student HQ to answer all of your questions about enrolment, ID cards (which you should hopefully all have by now), and any other student services that have to do with your degree. They’re running more than a few programs down there, so there’s lots to choose from. I’ve heard they’ve also got some pretty flashy nursing labs as well. The library is still Monash’s, but you can borrow the books and there’s Fed computers and printers in there, and also the ASK service for all those niggling referencing questions.

And I’m sure you’ve seen at least one American college movie where there’s students hanging out in the quad, like the picture below. Berwick has one of those! It’s got trees and grass and it’s actually called a quad!

Note: not the actual Berwick quad*

Now that I’ve told you all that, I bet you’re wondering how you get to this awesome place. That’s the other great part: it’s so easy. The campus is just a few minutes’ walk from Berwick train station, or if you prefer the quiet solitude of your own car, it’s just off the Monash Freeway at the Berwick exit (fancy that!).

And next year, Monash is moving out, so the whole place is going to be ours. All this year’s first year students will be in second year and we’ll have a whole new group of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed students eager to get down at The B-wick (it’s caught on now, hasn’t it?).

So that’s it. The key points about The B-wick. The newest member to the FedUni family. Let’s all make them feel welcome!

– Eric

*That’s actually the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (source:


2 thoughts on “The Low Down on The B-wick (or Berwick Campus)

  1. B-Wick. I like it. I’m going to see if I can help get that happening.

    Also, welcome to the family B-wick students!

  2. Is there a cave nearby so I can live out my Dead Poets Society fantasies, or am I limited to standing on my desk in defiance? Asking for a friend.

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