Stress Management

UntitledUni is stressful — assignments to juggle, classes to get to, campuses to get lost in (hopefully this one only applies to the first few weeks), lecturers that talk too fast… the list goes on. Which is why it’s so important to learn to manage your stress (yes, another thing to add to your to-do list).

Stress1Take breaks while studying! Even though sometimes it seems like a good idea to just hammer away at a problem until it gives in, taking a break means you return to your work with more focus, and you’re more likely to remember the information as well (that’s always useful!). Worrying at a problem for too long can just make it more frustrating, and seem impossible.

Break a task down into smaller, easier to manage pieces. It can be scary to consider writing a massive essay or revising a whole semester for an exam, but revising two lectures or writing a general outline isn’t so daunting.

Exercise. It’s always a good idea; get fit, release endorphins (meaning happier, meaning less stressed!), and increase the blood flow to your brain (meaning it works better! Who doesn’t love a working brain!?). If you feel like you don’t have time to exercise then incorporate it with study breaks. Take a few minutes to do some push-ups and then get back to your study!

Meditate (or nap in the sun, whichever takes your fancy). Also, remember to sleep! Sleep deprivation is not good for you!

Plan ahead. The importance of planning cannot be stressed enough! If you know what’s coming then all those assignments can’t sneak up on you (trust me, they do – it’s like playing ‘what’s the time, Mr Wolf’; turn your back for a minute and they run amok).

If it all gets too much, talk to someone. Talk to a friend, talk to a cat, talk with one of the awesome counselors on campus.

Just remember that it is important to take time to relax. Or your head will explode. I’ve totally seen it happen.

Stress2– Rainbow