Planning Life and Juggling Commitments

SamAs Uni students, we can often feel like we are trying to juggle hundreds of commitments at once. For example: finding the time to go to lectures, tutes, study, do assignments, keep healthy, work, family, friends, partners, getting drunk every now and then — the usual stuff! If you leave everything up in the air and unorganised it tends to get very easy to miss things and you end up having that dreaded feeling of regret when you know you should have done something but decided to take a quick nap instead.

I know you would have heard it all before: plan out this, plan out that, blah blah blah. But coming from somebody who never used to plan out anything, it really does pay off to spend a little bit of time to plan out different things in your life.

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MEWD: Motivation

Emma Foster - ASK Blog PicMotivation is something that I really struggle with. Or rather, my motivation is one of the things that depression has stolen from me.

This is super unhelpful in all walks of life; Amelia has highlighted how important motivation is. I find it particularly hard when it comes to University since, as we all know, Uni is all about self-driven study. No one is standing over our shoulders telling us we need to attend every class, or when we need to start our assignments or study for our tests. If we don’t want to go to our lectures or our tutorials, we don’t go.


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Amelia’s Weekly Study Tip 2: Daily Planning (Part 1)

DSC_0142Hello once again! There is something that every university student does: procrastination. It’s part of being a university student. So what is this experience we all share?

We start with so much motivation when we hear about a new project or assignment and tell ourselves that this time will be different. This time we won’t leave the assignment to the last few moments to start and finish it. This time we will follow a schedule and complete little parts over time rather than hastily hack something together at the last moment. It’s something that we all do, plan to do this next assignment in an organised way but inevitably leave it until the last moment. It’s practically the story of my life (don’t tell my lecturers!).


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