File Management and Backing Up

Imagine losing a week’s worth of writing you have done for an essay, or worse, a whole semester’s work.

There has been a huge shift towards computer based means of storing and delivering information. There are many benefits to this, and the main one I can think of is not having to carry around heavy books. For the tech savvy, the convenience of storing all of your photos, homework, music, movies, and work documents in one place is too good to pass up. With this convenience comes a risk: that your laptop or hard drive will break, crash, be stolen, or misplaced and you could lose everything. Even losing a few days’ worth of university work can be a huge setback. Continue reading File Management and Backing Up

Saving Money with Textbooks


If you are annoyed at the fact you are spending waaaayyy too much money on textbooks, stop stressing!

You should be able to get most of it back, textbooks hold their worth fairly well and there is always somebody looking to get them a little bit cheaper so it’s a win win for everyone.

First off, the best place to sell/buy them cheaper if you are organised are the second hand book sales that happen usually in the first week of semester. For more information search “book exchange” from the Fed Uni website 🙂

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