Being on the Student Senate

Flying MaryDuring August last year, the University’s Student Senate began advertising for positions on the new Senate to be formed for the following year. As a third year student who had not yet been on the Senate, I was very drawn to the idea of a leadership position that would allow me to help make positive changes within the University and increase the enjoyment of the student experience. I filled out the paperwork with my ideas and what I stood for and a couple of weeks later I was luckily elected into the Sports Representative position for all campuses. As an International Studies student, it was not vital that I was a PE student but my role within the Ultimate Frisbee team and continued participation in UniGames events gave me enough background information to make my position easier.

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10 things I’ll miss about being a student

285736_514505705244967_163577496_nI’ve now been a student for around three quarters of my life and I cannot wait to be working and making money in the industry I’ve been studying for four years. But as I approach the end of my degree, I’m starting to get a bit nostalgic about how good it is to be a uni student. So here are 10 things that I’ll miss when I leave, and that new students should not take for granted.

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Student Interview: Grady

selfieCam here! Last Thursday afternoon I went out looking for a student to interview, and I ran into Emma on the ASK service and had a chat. Meanwhile, Grady walked past and Emma flagged him down (he attends her PASS sessions for Accounting). Grady is a 1st Year Bachelor of Business student at the Mt Helen campus. He kindly agreed to be interviewed, and it was great!

This is Grady's back. And Emma. Emma never misses a photo opportunity.
This is Grady’s back. And Emma. Emma never misses a photo opportunity.

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Food is Free — a lot

selfieEveryone loves free food, right? Well I’ll tell you, when you are a uni student you definitely love free food. Luckily, FedUni is happy to oblige! I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve had a burger (or vegie burger!) or a sausage, or even on some occasions a baked potato, hot dog, or even a sub at lunch time! These free food initiatives, at Mt Helen, are run by the Student Experience Office and the various clubs and societies at the university. I’ve even been part of the cooking and organising of a few of them with the BioMed Club. Continue reading Food is Free — a lot

Student Leadership Conference

RyanRegistrations for the Student Leadership Conference have opened and with it so have your horizons.

Ugh. That was horribly cheesy. Poor form, Ryan. Let’s try again.

The Student Leadership Conference is coming up and you can now register for this amazing opportunity. Running on 9 & 10 October at the Mt Helen campus, this conference affords students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills with a series of presentations, workshops and food. It’s not just for student who already consider themselves ‘leaders’, either. This conference is for anyone at all and works on building skills that you can take with you well beyond your university life. So come along.

The first day is optional (but still awesome) so if you can’t make it on the first day, that’s fine. But the second day is huuuuuuge. You get to hear from some community leaders; participate in workshops to do with politics, climate change, organisations and more; and even choose a specific social project to get involved in. All the things! It’s a full day too, so you get your money’s worth.

Whoa! Yes, okay, I said money. Hang on, hang on. You only might have to pay it. It’s $50, but you might be granted a bursary if you receive Centrelink payments, you’ll just need to provide permission for the uni to contact Centrelink. There’s also food and a secret dinner. Not as in, so secret that you have to hope you stumble upon it, secret as in the location will be provided by an agent via dead-drop. Or you’ll just get the location closer to the date. Probably that last one.

So if you’re super excited by that (and who wouldn’t be) you can find the program, look at the workshop session and register for the conference here.

If you have any questions at all, contact the Overseer (not his actual title), Luke Icely from Student Connect at or 03 5327 6867. He’ll definitely be more eloquent and informative than me.

– Ryan