Final Grades

IMG_0585Care about your grades? Of course you do, you’re a hard working, committed and all-around star student! (Or at least, let’s pretend you are haha).
Hopefully by this stage you’ve gotten most of your grades back, and with exams currently underway I’m sure some of you are wondering what you need on your exam to get the grade you want! (Or need)

ASK the lords and they shall provide, what we’ve come across is this final grade calculator‘! (<- click this shiny hyperlink here)

What this actually does, is enter the grades you’ve gotten on previous assignments, and the % that grade contributed to your overall course grade, and it will let you know what grade you need to get on your exam to achieve your desired grade overall!

So example, if I got 80% on an assignment that was worth 40% of my course grade, my course grade overall would be 32%

That would mean that if the exam was worth 60% of the course grade, I would need to get 64% on the exam to get a course grade of 70.4 (Distinction woo!)

The calculator is really easy to use, and in case you missed the fabulous little hyperlink earlier, another one is riiiiight…..

(Click this ->) HERE  (<- Click here)

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Final Grades

  1. Hi Colleen,

    It’s difficult to say without knowing more information about your circumstances. Your best bet would be to speak with the Student Advisory Service who can walk you through the process with regard to deferring/re-sitting exams. You can contact Liz or Amanda by phone (03) 5327 6105 or email My best advice would be to get onto that RIGHT NOW, rather than waiting to see what your results are. Best of luck!

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