App Review: iStudiez Pro

imageHello my lovely little kittens!

I’m here to tell you all sorts of fun things about an app that helps with study. Yay! My most used (actually, my only used) app for study is called iStudiez Pro. I know, it’s a super cool name. I particularly like their use of ‘z’ at the end of the name. Makes it feel so much more student-y, right? Unfortunately it is only available on Apple products, so all you fancy Android people are missing out. Sorryyyyyyy.

So. The app. All the things. It’s really just super handy for keeping up to date with when assignments are due, but also tells you when your classes are. Firstly, you get to put in all your classes for each semester, and it also lets you add your lecturer and tutor and any other teaching staff that may be part of your course. Then you get to pick a pretty colour for each of your classes, because colour co-ordination is kind of great. After that, when you finally feel like wading through your course descriptions, you can add all your fun fun assignments and their due dates. This does, of course, save you from having to wade through your course description every week or so when you forget just what assignments you have to do and when they are due. Because we all know that happens. You can also add exams for each course and all that fun stuff that you just KNOW you want to remember.

The best part is that it gives you a nice little reminder when your assignments are due. You can set this however many days in advance of the due date as you like, and then it can either just notify you quietly, or even if you want can give you a ridiculously annoying alarm sound of your choice to tell you to get your bum into gear and ASSIGNMENT TIME.

This app can sync across all your devices (if you buy it on them all. I know, annoying), and can also sync with your regular phone calendar so that you always know when your classes are. Yeah, I know, mind blown right?

I particularly like the nice little notes it gives you in the “Today” section. Sometimes it tells you that you may have some assignments due that you should check out, and other times it just tells you to have a break and do something fun. Yep. It’s almost like talking to a real person. Except not at all.

Overall, this app is just a pretty darn wonderful way to keep track of assignments and classes. And if you are anything like me that is a super handy thing to have. I get far too distracted doing all the cool things like knitting and drinking tea and sometimes I just completely lose track of the fact that my 3000 word essay is due in twelve hours. It happens. But it doesn’t need to anymore, because you’ve got iStudiez Pro! For only $9.99 on your Mac computer and $2.99 on your iPhone and iPad combined, you too could have magically easy study reminders! Here are some quotes from some happy customers:

“Wow. Just wow.” (Tegan 2014)

“It’s just like a diary. Only more study-ish. And on your phone.” (Tegan 2014)

“I like biscuits.” (Tegan 2014)

Yep, you’ve heard it first hand, folks. What an app. There are just no words sometimes.

Okay, I don’t know why that suddenly turned into an infomercial, but it did, and now we shall move on and pretend it never happened. Or maybe I should just leave so that you can quickly rush to your Apple device and buy this app. Because I know that’s exactly what you want to do after hearing what I have to say.

Soooooooo I guess I’ll say farewell and see you fine friends next time for my next fun blog post on who knows what! Wow, there were far too many ‘f’s in that sentence. Okay. I’m going now. Bye.

Tegan 🙂

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