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BecHello! I’m writing today to tell you all about PASS’s 8 plus promotion. If you attend 8 or more PASS sessions you go into the draw to win an awesome voucher: a voucher for Officeworks (a student’s best friend) valued at $100. This voucher could be a great help for studies next year, or maybe you’ve been saving up for a cool gadget or something and a $100 voucher to put towards that surely wouldn’t hurt. Anyways, I can’t win because I’m a PASS leader, so do me a favour and enter the draw for me. PASS really is a great program, so while you’re studying with your friends and peers, just think what amazing things you could do with that voucher!

And now for some more info on what PASS is:

PASS (peer assisted study sessions), is a program that is runs at Mt Helen, Gippsland and Horsham campuses. It aims to help undergraduate students better understand tricky concepts, make friends, and achieve overall better grades (It’s true, students really do get better grades if they attend PASS). PASS is not just for first years or those who are struggling with a subject, but for anyone who feels like they want a bit of extra time to discuss the content in a relaxed and fun way. PASS runs throughout the semester and even during SWOTVAC. It is free and is run by a student who has previously excelled in that subject, so they can help guide you and let you know if you’re on the right track.

PASS is nothing like a tutorial. You don’t have to raise your hand, there are sometimes lollies and everyone has the opportunity to input their ideas. It is also a great way to really cement information as, when students explain concepts to other students, it can help a lot (I’m pretty sure I read research for this somewhere, but I can’t find, so you don’t get an academic source to support that). It is also great for breaking down tricky terms or languages. Students are also great at finding tricks to remembering things that the whole group can benefit from (Nursing students love acronyms!).

So anyway, PASS provides the opportunity for a laid back environment where students ultimately have the power! The students can help choose what type of activities they find work best for them, so they can use study techniques that are going to benefit them the most. PASS provides the opportunity for students to discuss their ideas, play games and also have some fun!

To find out if PASS runs for your class you can simply go to the, check the moodle shell for your course or enquire at the ASK desk.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves along to PASS, a program that is going to help boost your grades, find cool ways of remembering things, have a lolly or two and — who knows — maybe even win an Officeworks voucher!

– Bec

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