As the end of semester approaches I’m sure you’ve started to think about your exams. You may or may not have noticed that, before the exams begin, there is a week in between week 12 and the beginning of the exam period. Before you get too excited and start planning to fill your week with all the fun things you have been missing out on during the semester, I thought I might give you a little insight into what this week is for.

You may have heard the term SWOTVAC (Study WithOut Teaching VACation) around the campus by now, and that is in reference to the week gap after week 12. This week is to give you a chance to prepare for your exams. Your lecturers and tutors will also be on campus to help with any questions about the semester’s content or any exam queries you have.

So, my tips for the SWOTVAC period are:

  • Plan your week
  • Come to SWOTVAC Super Study Day
  • Take some time out for yourself
  • Do not leave study until the night before your exam

It is really important to plan your week, otherwise you can easily be distracted by making sure your fridge is cleaned out, your oven is spotless and you are up to date with the latest TED talks. Allow some time to revise all your subjects and seek clarification on any areas you are unsure about.

Also, when planning your week, make sure you allow some time to relax or plan a fun activity. It’s important to get recharged and make sure you don’t get too stressed about the upcoming exams.

Another exciting thing during the week is the SWOTVAC Super Study Day. This day is a great chance for you to get some preparation done for your exams. There will be PASS revision sessions, Free lunch and cupcakes, and most importantly, a stress less corner! You can find out more information on the day by clicking this link. You can also register to win a FedUni merchandise pack if you fill out this form and then have your name recorded at the ASK desk, in a PASS session, or by the Learning Skills Advisers in their Exam Tips sessions!

And finally, please don’t leave your study until the night before the exam. This may come as a shock, but it is impossible to revise 12 weeks of content and fully understand it at 11pm the night before the exam. Not only will you put unnecessary stress on yourself, but you will be exhausted and may not actually be able to concentrate on the exam, let alone remember the last-minute revision you did.

Congratulations on coming this far, you should be really proud of yourself. Good luck with your exams and remember to make the most of your SWOTVAC!

– Bonnie

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