Here you’ll find any blogs that mention everybody’s favourite thing: exams. You can find tips to study for them, information on how to best prepare, some students’ experiences and just generally coping with them.


This is a pretty small category where we collate any article that directly talks about the uni or the name change. We also put anything in here that might be specific to the uni or sometimes even just if we mention the uni at all. Okay, so maybe it’s not a small category. I lied.


I’ll be honest: this is basically where we put every post we can’t put anywhere else. If it takes me more than ten seconds to decide where to put a post, it’ll end up here. As a result, you’ll find just about everything under this category.

Health & Fitness

Here you’ll find posts that talk about staying healthy, happy and sane. They aren’t just sports-related posts, either. It covers everything from sleeping properly to financial woes.


All the tips for referencing in one place, as well as a few harrowing stories of personal struggles. From the awkward APA to the malevolent MLA, you’ll find it here.

Student Life

The non-academic side to study. Being a student involves more than lectures and textbooks, and you’ll find posts about that here.

Student Support

All the avenues of support available, and there’s a lot of those. It involves academic support to medical support, all from a student perspective.


Here we deal with what happens when we bury our noses in a textbook and how we can do it as effectively as possible, as well as attempts to absorb the loads of information headed our way.

Time Management

One of the biggest keys to succeeding at uni, and yet one of the abilities that comes naturally to very few of us. As a result, it got a whole category dedicated to it. Yup.


Everything from the English language to essay writing. If it talks about words and how to use them, you’ll find it here.

Emma’s Weekly Haiku

Emma tries to write a study-related haiku every week that offers advice, highlights important events and…occasionally just makes no sense at all. Under this category you’ll find each and every one of Emma’s (Almost) Weekly Haiku.

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