General Guide to Writing & Study Skills

imageHelloooooo my lovely little kittens!

I’m here today to discuss with you a wonderful fun new resource we have available to help you with your writing and study skills. It is called (surprisingly) the General Guide to Writing and Study Skills! This handy little eBook/PDF is full of all sorts of hints and tips to make writing and studying that much easier.

This super handy guide contains things from adjusting to the university lifestyle, to writing different types of assessment, to avoiding plagiarism, to all manner of other exciting little tidbits to help you make it through university without being eaten by a crocodile*.

Even if you don’t feel as though you are struggling with any writing or study skills, I recommend checking out this book, as you may be surprised by what you can find. It is written in a way to try and make it as accessible to students as possible, so you don’t have to wade through *cough* stuffy *cough* academic language to try and find what you are looking for.

I feel like I am writing an advertisement here. I guess I kind of am, so maybe I should just commit to it. Let’s try that.

(read in big booming voice) Here for the first time ever, a study skills guide that is fun AND useful. Come on down and try out our General Guide to Writing and Study Skills, for the special price of $0! Yes, you heard me right folks, that is absolutely free for now and always!

Well…that felt weird. Maybe I should just stick to talking about it as I was. Basically, this is one handy piece of work. Let’s just stick with that. Have a look, check it out, and if you have any feedback or comments there is a form you can fill out to help this resource get even better. Yep. Better than it is now. That is going to be tough, given how good it already is, but we can try.

ANYWAY, the guide can be found here or by accessing the Federation University home page, and clicking students > learning and study > study skills and writing guides.

The feedback form can be accessed by following the same process, or simply by clicking here.

I hope you find this resource as useful and fun as it is intended to be, and that you enjoyed reading my (slightly insane) blog post.

– Tegan 🙂


*may or may not mention crocodiles at any point in this guide ever at all

Student Leadership Conference

RyanRegistrations for the Student Leadership Conference have opened and with it so have your horizons.

Ugh. That was horribly cheesy. Poor form, Ryan. Let’s try again.

The Student Leadership Conference is coming up and you can now register for this amazing opportunity. Running on 9 & 10 October at the Mt Helen campus, this conference affords students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills with a series of presentations, workshops and food. It’s not just for student who already consider themselves ‘leaders’, either. This conference is for anyone at all and works on building skills that you can take with you well beyond your university life. So come along.

The first day is optional (but still awesome) so if you can’t make it on the first day, that’s fine. But the second day is huuuuuuge. You get to hear from some community leaders; participate in workshops to do with politics, climate change, organisations and more; and even choose a specific social project to get involved in. All the things! It’s a full day too, so you get your money’s worth.

Whoa! Yes, okay, I said money. Hang on, hang on. You only might have to pay it. It’s $50, but you might be granted a bursary if you receive Centrelink payments, you’ll just need to provide permission for the uni to contact Centrelink. There’s also food and a secret dinner. Not as in, so secret that you have to hope you stumble upon it, secret as in the location will be provided by an agent via dead-drop. Or you’ll just get the location closer to the date. Probably that last one.

So if you’re super excited by that (and who wouldn’t be) you can find the program, look at the workshop session and register for the conference here.

If you have any questions at all, contact the Overseer (not his actual title), Luke Icely from Student Connect at or 03 5327 6867. He’ll definitely be more eloquent and informative than me.

– Ryan