The Dreadful 24 Hour Deadline

This post is what it feels like to leave an assignment to the last minute. If you currently have 24 hours until the assignment, don’t read any further and get to work. Trust me, get it over and done with. DO NOT repeat this 24 hour timeline below.

If you are planning on leaving an assignment until the last minute, read below. This is a timeline of what happens when you leave your assignment until the last minute.

24 hours until submission

Realise that you have an assignment due in exactly 24 hours.

This is when you will say to yourself the famous old saying “due tomorrow, do tomorrow.” You will slip off to bed to watch six hours on Netflix. Even though you won’t really enjoy Netflix, as you will feel guilty the entire time.

18 hours until submission

You decide that you will give your assignment a good crack. You think to yourself “if I write my introduction, and first two paragraphs, I can watch episode 12 of Gossip Girl season 4”.

So you give it a crack, and you make solid progress. You get to the stage where you have decided on the heading, format and have done three lines of an introduction.

17 hours 48 minutes until submission

You decide to reward yourself, as you should. You did some great ground-breaking work. You assure yourself that, next study session, you will easily smash out paragraph one, two and three. You run off to bed to watch more Gossip Girl.

13 hours until submission

You just finished the season of Gossip Girl, and decide to give your assignment another crack. You sit down at your computer, look at the time and think “its dinner time, I’ll start after dinner”.

12 hours until submission

You sit down at your desk, feeling full of energy after your solid two packets of Mi Goreng, and feel pumped to destroy your assignment.

You spend the next 30 days of your life working on this masterpiece of an assignment, and get to the conclusion.

10 hours until submission

You look at the time and realise that that what felt like 30 days was less than two hours, but you don’t mind as you have almost finished your assignment. You decide to take a break and see what your housemates/family are doing.

8 hours until submission

You realise that you just wasted two hours of your life fighting with your housemates about whether the tomato sauce belongs in the fridge or in the pantry. (The correct answer is the pantry. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT COLD TOMATO SAUCE ON HOT ITEMS OF FOOD!?)

You sit down, look at the time, and realise that tonight is going to be a late one.

4 hours until submission

You are now a walking zombie. You have stayed up until 5am to finish off this assignment. You can’t even think straight but you are happy that you have completed the assignment. You go to bed feeling like you have just conquered Mount Everest.

1 hour until submission

Your alarm goes off. You hate that you’ve done this to yourself yet again. You promise yourself that you will never ever ever ever EVER do this again, as it is too draining on yourself. You get up and drag yourself into the shower.

30 minutes until submission

You wake freezing cold. You realise that you have been in the shower so long that the water has turned to ice. You get out and get ready. You run out the door without grabbing any food as you’re running late.

5 minutes until submission

You arrive at uni and start heading to the submission office. You see your lecturer walking towards the box to collect your assignment. You start sprinting, run into 4 chairs and fall over twice. But you manage to overtake your lecturer. You’re in the clear!

2 minutes until submission

You hand in your assignment! WOOO! You can now go home and sleep. You’re really excited as you plan on sleeping for 20 hours straight.

Then you realise that you can’t do that. You have classes from 9:30 until 5:30. And then another assignment due tomorrow afternoon.

You then cry.

*Writers note

This experience may differ from person to person; however, I guarantee you will say to yourself once you have finished that you will never do this again. If you need any help with time management, the Learning Skills Advisors (LSAs) that the uni provides free of charge are an awesome asset and will do wonders for you. They can also help you with your assignment if you are organised so it’s a win/win! If you’re about to face that dreadful 24 hours, best of luck! And remember, you can do it.

– Aaron

Planning Life and Juggling Commitments

SamAs Uni students, we can often feel like we are trying to juggle hundreds of commitments at once. For example: finding the time to go to lectures, tutes, study, do assignments, keep healthy, work, family, friends, partners, getting drunk every now and then — the usual stuff! If you leave everything up in the air and unorganised it tends to get very easy to miss things and you end up having that dreaded feeling of regret when you know you should have done something but decided to take a quick nap instead.

I know you would have heard it all before: plan out this, plan out that, blah blah blah. But coming from somebody who never used to plan out anything, it really does pay off to spend a little bit of time to plan out different things in your life.

Continue reading Planning Life and Juggling Commitments

Working While Studying


Going to university is much like going to high school or having a job of its own — except, at this job, your work doesn’t finish when your contact hours end for the day. So, as most students know, there is usually little to no free time left when you factor in your lectures, tutorials and practicals (your contact hours) along with study, social time, any hobbies, commuting to the university and a little bit of rest and relaxation. Try fitting in a part-time job in there somewhere and, well…you almost have a recipe for madness! Continue reading Working While Studying

Mid-Semester Break

download_20150318_143903It’s the mid-semester break at FedUni and this means one of two things: either study really hard and get loads done in preparation for the last half of semester as well as a jump on the assignments or bake, knit, take lots of shifts and socialise with friends.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with either of these scenarios, it just depends on the coping skills that you have for the workload that you end up with, depending on the one you choose. If you decide to spend the time sleeping and chilling out then more power to you, just be aware that you will have a large amount of work to come back to and you may regret not spending at least some time sorting things out. Continue reading Mid-Semester Break

Amelia’s Weekly Study Tip 1: Making Progress

DSC_0142Hello! Welcome back to uni! I don’t know about you, but every semester I begin filled with motivation to keep organized and on top of my work. I always plan on keeping on top of my readings and weekly tutorial work, as well as starting my assignments early and pacing myself so that they’re not left until the last minute. But what often happens is, a couple of weeks into semester, all of that good intention goes down the drain and I end up getting overwhelmed with everything I need to do. The result is me giving up and spending my weekends napping and eating chocolate, and then pulling all-nighters and cursing myself for my lack of organization.

Over my years at uni, however, I have discovered many tips and hints that have helped me manage my studies and extra-curricular commitments. So what I’m going to do is, rather than write one massive blog post containing all my tips, I’m going to break my tips down into separate, weekly blog posts.

Today, I’m going to start with sharing with you the ultimate truth that underpins all of my learned tips and hints. It is the mother-load. The red pill. The Philosopher’s Stone.

Making Progress

The truth is, I need to feel like I am making progress. And for me, motivation, organization, and time management are three interlinking skills that allow me to make progress when it comes to managing my studies and extra-curricular activities.

No matter how motivated I might be at the beginning, this will fall apart if I am not organized or am not making progress in doing the tasks I need to do. Consequently, not being organized and able to manage my time really damages my motivation. If I’m not organized, I end up feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to do, which results in everything coming undone. Conversely, no amount of organizing or time management techniques will help if I’m not motivated. I just won’t follow through with them, and I’ll end up back at square one.

So when looking to find ways to manage your study better, consider these things: organization, time management, motivation, and making progress. If you want to read more about motivation and the notion of making progress, check out The Game Changer by Dr. Jason Fox. It is a very good read that was recommended by a business executive at a conference I attended last year.

Stay tuned for my next tip!

– Amelia