SharelleComing fresh from high school to uni I’ve had to adapt to what university like to call ‘adult learning’. You don’t have your teacher there constantly reminding you of that upcoming assignment or online quiz, its up to you as ‘adults’ to read the course descriptor and figure it our for yourself.

Academic writing has a completely different meaning compared to what it did in high school. We have to think critically, comprehensively research our topic, and reference accordingly. However, the one thing many newbies forget, and even sometimes myself, is to READ THE MARKING GUIDE. When it comes to writing an essay cling to your marking guide and use it as your bible! Making sure you address each criteria, and have a look at what each criteria is worth.

Once you’ve written your essay and addressed all the areas on the study guide try marking your own assignment, and use it to reflect on any improvements that could be made to your work- this works for me anyways! I find it very helpful and often reflects the grade I end up getting 🙂



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